Podtrack for fans of podcasts

Podtrack is a simple tool that aims initially to offer a place to keep track of your favorite quotes and songs from the podcasts you hear everyday. It was derived from a previous project called 'nerdtrack'. The original was developed in late 2009 by Rafael Dohms, based on an idea by Danilo Martins and was later visually enhanced by Dine Gomes.

The concept was simple, given a certain number of listeners we believed we could identify all songs played in the "Nerdcast" podcast, since it was very frequent to see people asking the author "what song plays at xx:yy?". This then stretched into tracking quotes and became a very useful tool for identifying the best quotes and when they were said.

The original developers have now brought the system back with plenty of improvements and ready to receive multiple podcasts, not just the original podcast. The initial feature set will be joined soon by more advanced features, so keep an eye out for the improvements.

The Podtrack Team